Online Medi-Quiz

Quizzing was always a method of learning through fun since times immemmorial, irrespective of whether the word 'quiz' was originated in 1780s with a different meaning or was artificially introduced by Richard Daly in 1791. We invite the students and practitioners of Homoeopathic medicine to expand the horizons of knowledge while assessing their awareness about the medical field by participating in a game of quiz. What is more exciting is that there are prizes for winners too!

Team of Quiz Masters

Dr. Abhilash S.

Dr. Rakhal P.

Dr. Abdul Vahab

Dr. Haroon Ashraf

Dr. Arun Krishnan P.

Today's Question is :

Rules and Regulations:


Simple and effective tool for Homoeopaths and students of Homoeopathy to enhance their knowledge, revise quickly and keep themselves abreast of the the developments in the world around. This app provides learning environment for aspirants preparing for higher studies and students who want to ensure easy revision of the topics before their examinations, and practitioners who wants to have a quick revision aid at fingertips.