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Quizzing was always a method of learning through fun since times immemmorial, irrespective of whether the word 'quiz' was originated in 1780s with a different meaning or was artificially introduced by Richard Daly in 1791. We invite the students and practitioners of Homoeopathic medicine to expand the horizons of knowledge while assessing their awareness about the medical field by participating in a game of quiz. What is more exciting is that there are prizes for winners too!

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1 05-01-2020 A novel published in 1937 dealing with medical ethics as the main theme, which lead to establishment of National Health Services in UK. "The citadel" by A. J. Cronin.
2 31-01-2020 Match the following: (a) After pain worse in groin - (1) Secale cor (b) After pain extends to groin - (2) Carbo veg (c) After pain extend to shin - (3) Caulophyllum (d) Hour glass contraction - (4) Actea racemosa (a) After pain worse in groin - (1) Actea racemosa (b) After pain extends to groin - (3) Caulophyllum ( (c) After pain extend to shin - 2) Carbo veg (d) Hour glass contraction - (4) Secale cor
3 04-01-2020 What can be the etiology of Acute Encephalitis syndrome of children in Musaffarpur district of Bihar, which lead to their death ? The already malnourished children were found to eat raw lichees and did not have a proper meal after eating. The toxin present in these fruits led to hypoglycemia, seizures and coma
4 03-01-2020 --- & --- discovered ---- in 1921 which is very much useful for the treatment of Type 1 Diabetes Melitus. a. Frederick G. Banting and Charles Best. b. Insulin
5 01-01-2020 The Homoeopath who took part in Quit India movement and has authored many books including "My experiments with 50 millesimal scale potencies" Dr.Ramanlal P Patel
6 02-01-2020 Name the disease condition in the picture? Harlequin ichthyosis. It is a rare genetic disorder which affects the rate of regeneration of skin.Recently a case was reported in Assam.
7 06-01-2020 First bone to ossify in the body : Clavicle
8 07-01-2020 What is the ability of a group of cells or a cell to grow into any type of tissue of parent organism called? Totipotency
9 08-01-2020 Unani is a medical system originated in which part of ancient world? Greece
10 09-01-2020 Aurophobia is irrational fear of ........ Aurophobia is the fear of gold. The main symptom of aurophobia is panic attacks, although different symptoms are fast breathing, nausea, irregular heartbeat, and slow breathing. The symptoms are usually triggered when the sufferers sees or gets in vicinity of gold. Aurophobia is often treated by simply removing the memory from the mind that triggers it.
11 10-01-2020 Skeletal evidence for a disease from 2000 BC was found in human remains from the archaeological sites of Indus valley civilization in India and Pakistan. Which is that disease? Leprosy The oldest skeletal evidence for the disease date from 2000 BC, as found in human remains from the archaeological sites of Balathal in India and Harappa in Pakistan.
12 11-01-2020 Who was the famous author and playwright who got punished for homosexuality? Oscar Wilde Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde (16 October 1854 – 30 November 1900) was an Irish poet and playwright. After writing in different forms throughout the 1880s, the early 1890s saw him become one of the most popular playwrights in London. He is best remembered for his epigrams and plays, his novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, and the circumstances of his criminal conviction for "gross indecency", imprisonment, and early death at age 46.
13 12-01-2020 The normal life span of RBC is : 120 days
14 13-01-2020 Who introduced gradation of remedies in Repertory? Dr. Boenninghausen
15 14-01-2020 Pharmacopollaxy is... Study of repetition of dose
16 15-01-2020 Science of route of administration of drugs Pharmaconomy
17 16-01-2020 An athlete presents with chest pain, which of the following tests would be most sensitive and specific for diagnosis of myocardial infarction? Troponin I&T
18 17-01-2020 Tattoo marks can be recognized even in a decomposed body by the presence of pigment in: Lymph node
19 18-01-2020 Fever paroxysm at 7 am with great loquacity during chill and heat is characteristic of Podophylum - Fever paroxysm at 7 am with great loquacity during chill and heat, with pain in hypochondria, knees, ankle and wrist. Profuse sweat.
20 19-01-2020 Koplik’s spots are seen as early intraoral manifestation in Measles
21 20-01-2020 Length of the Ureter is : 25 cm
22 21-01-2020 Inferior Venacava pierces the Diaphragm at the vertebral level of : T-8
23 22-01-2020 The site of injury in Erb’s paralysis is Upper trunk of brachial plexus is called Erb’s point. It is involved in fall on shoulder, birth injury, during anesthesia. Mainly C5 and partly C6 are involved. Deformities: Policeman’s tip hand and Porter’s tip hand.
24 23-01-2020 Musician’s Nerve is Ulnar nerve control the fine movements of fingers. So called as musician’s nerve.
25 24-01-2020 Commonest site of rodent ulcer is Face. It is basal cell carcinoma, occur in lower most layer of skin. They usually develop in skin exposed to sun. They are slow growing and do not spread to other part of body.
26 25-01-2020 The most common cause of peripheral limb ischemia in India is Atherosclerosis. It occurs when arteries get thick and stiff due to build up of fatty deposits or plaques.
27 26-01-2020 Another name for staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome is Ritter's syndrome
28 27-01-2020 Match the following:
A. < on alternate days - 1. Silicea
B. < during new moon. - 2. Pulsatilla
C. < full moon. - 3. Calcarea carb
D. < twilight. - 4. Alumina
29 28-01-2020 The disease which is called white plague? Tuberculosis
30 29-01-2020 Southern blot test is used for... DNA analysis
31 30-01-2020 A 17-year-old male falls on his wrist while playing basketball. After taking a history, you notice on physical exam that he has marked tenderness within the "anatomical snuff box" What is the likely diagnosis? Fracture of the scaphoid bone

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